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Barend Zaayman, from Richards Bay,  KZN, South Africa

Growing up on a farm in the Eastern Cape a knife in your pocket was part of life. I Always admired a good looking knife and in 1993 while working at the then Iscor in Newcastle I  saw one of my colleges making a knife and that was the start of my knife making journey.

1st couple of knives were horrendous as I didn’t have anyone to guide me. I then got introduced to the late Boekoe van Rensburg and Basie Jordaan and they helped me onto the right way with their vast knowledge and experience.

Was a part time maker till around 2000 when I got transferred for work, that was also the end of my knife making for 18 years, at the end of 2018 slowly got back into it again. With the lock down I got full steam into it again and got a big liking in the making of slippies.

At beginning of the year my son also started making knives and nothing better than spending time in the workshop working on knives with him.

I prefer making practical knifes, user knives and folders. Mainly using N690 and natural products for handles like wood and animal products.



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