Small Batch of Base Model Flipper with Options Coming Soon 

We are delighted to announce that Jan Wahl is planning to release a small batch of the base model of his Everyday Small Utility Flipper, the Woestyn Adder (Desert Adder / Asp) in the very near future. 

Starting with an affordable base model, the Woestyn Adder can be built up to be very fancy if that is what you want! Yes you can turn it into a gentleman’s folder with the right upgrades.

What are Base Model knives?

Base model knives lets you start with all the quality basic elements of the Woestyn Adder flipper design. All quality elements, hand-build by Jan. And then it gives you maaaaaany options to choose as upgrades and add-ons.

So you decide what style and what price suits you. From the simple quality base model, up to a fancy version with Damasteel and engraved bolsters.

The base model Woestyn Adder flipper is the EDC you will carry all the time. 

 The base model gives you the same care, love, expertise and obsession that you get with all Jan’s knives; but at a price you will love.

Base Model Details:


  • Total lengths of knife is 180mm
  • The blade is 2,5mm thick N690 stainless steel, 
  • Liners made of 2mm grade 5 titanium, 
  • Scales made with G10 (G10 is a thermoset plastic laminate. It is built using high pressure on layers of fiberglass mesh cloth that are impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. The resulting material is called G10 or sometimes G-10. Often used in Printed Circuit Boards, it is also used extensively on knife and gun handles.), 
  • Spacer is also made from G10,
  • Belts clip made of 1mm grade 5 titanium,
  • The blade runs on ceramic, caged bearings,
  • Stainless steel pivot, 
  • Assembles with 2mm stainless steel screws,

Add-ons and Options:

Blade options:
    • Damasteel,
    • Elmax,
    • M390,
    • BalbachDamast,
    • Carbon Damascus
Blade finish
    • Satin finish
    • Sandblast
    • Belt finish 
Titanium liners - colour options


    • To discuss with the client, so as to ensure liner colours goes well with the choice of scales
    • G10 – different colours
    • Carbon Fibre – depending on availability
    • Micarta – depending on availability
    • Exotic woods – depending on availability
    • Natural materials like Warthog tusk
Belt clip
    • Titanium
    • Damascus
    • Choose bolsters instead of full scales
    • Material choices as above
  • Filework is available as per customer request
Engraving and Embellishments
    • Choice of metals like gold and silver
    • Choice of gemstones
    • Engraving is available as per customer


Read more about Jan Wahl’s knife making journey here

Contact Jan Wahl

If you have any questions about the base model. Contact Jan directly here.