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I made My first knife, or filed My first knife when i was about 12. Made it based on a knife Jean Claude van Damme used in one of his Movies, can’t remember which movie. The library in Upington had a couple of knife books that I read often.

Then Knife making went away, and only returned when i met My first wife at 37 years of age. I found an old farriers forge at a scrap metal yard, built my first belt sander out of wood. I would run it from my table saw, with pulleys and a v-belt.

I took some classes at a Guy in bloem who told me i should never swing a hammer, and rather try stock removal. So, I got in contact with Kevin and Heather Harvey, in Belfast, and did My two week ABS course with them.

The rest is History as they say, and Now I'm making my own Damascus. I still feel like a newbie when I look at the local talent, and have a lot to learn.

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