SconiX Knives: Eugene Du Toit

My name is Eugene du Toit, maker of SconiX Knives. My keen interest in blades developed from an early age collecting all sorts. I completed my first piece in October 2017 and was hooked on the art of knife making ever since.

 I thoroughly enjoy the creative process in making knives, from design through to the production of a high quality, fully functional and aesthetic tool. I practice the art of knife making as a hobby and always like to stretch my imagination and ability with every project. I draw inspiration from all kinds of non-knife related objects and mostly produce unique one of a kind pieces.

1st place in the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa, Non-Guild member competition 2019
Best Bird and Trout (Novice Category) Brooklyn Knife Show 2019

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Phone: 083 212 7272




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