Biker Knife

Blade Steel: 4mm 12C27 Styled Tanto with Eagle Blades’ proprietary surface finish

Scales: Shaped Thermoplastic (NYLON) with BMW logo pinned with 4mm SS pins

AOL (mm): 220

BL (mm): 120

Mass (g): 240

Price includes sheath and comes with customer choice of – leather or Kydex

Contact Details:


Phone: 0832512369

Knife Maker Bio

My passion for all things weaponry started as a small boy, along with my curiosity to figure out how things work and are made. So when I bought my first handmade knife in 2016, my interest was piqued, and I asked the maker to show me the basics. I went on to build my own grinder, then a year later bought a second one. You could say I was hooked, and from that “I think I can do this myself” moment, Eagle Blades was born.

A love of wildlife, nature and the outdoors means I have a passion for working with natural materials – bone, horn and indigenous wood – and my training as a polymer chemist sparked my interest in combining these with manmade materials like polyester resin, epoxy and urethanes.

All Eagle Blades knives are unique, custom-made pieces designed and built around the owner’s interests and requirements in type of materials, design and ultimate use. Getting to know the customer drives my creativity in creating a one-of-kind knife that’s personal to its owner and will be treasured for years to come either as a working tool or display piece.
As a child, I watched my dad stitch leather in his spare time and those memories come back in the hand-making of custom, personalised sheaths for each unique knife. I love rising to the challenge of customers’ requests for new and different materials and knife designs or restoring treasured old blades to their former glory – seeing a piece shaped by my hands in the hands of a proud owner, gives me joy.

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