Jan Wahl Base Model

  • Total lengths of knife is 180mm
  • The blade is 2,5mm thick N690 stainless steel, 
  • Liners made of 2mm grade 5 titanium, 
  • Scales made with G10 (G10 is a thermoset plastic laminate. It is built using high pressure on layers of fiberglass mesh cloth that are impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. The resulting material is called G10 or sometimes G-10. Often used in Printed Circuit Boards, it is also used extensively on knife and gun handles.), 
  • Spacer is also made from G10,
  • Belts clip made of 1mm grade 5 titanium,
  • The blade runs on ceramic, caged bearings,
  • Stainless steel pivot, 
  • Assembles with 2mm stainless steel screws

Option and Upgrade Versions: Please contact the maker, the price will depend on the options you pick.

Read more about Jan Wahl’s Base Model Knife Here

Contact Details:

Email: wahl.jan@gmail.com

Phone: +27 82 719 6120

Knife Maker Bio

Jan makes most of his knives one at a time. A full custom knife takes all his attention and commitment and inspiration!
To launch this Base Model with Options flipper, he is taking orders for five of these knives.

With the high quality you can expect, and a very nice starting price, we don’t expect these openings to take very long to fill. If you are interested, please contact Jan directly. All his contact details are at the bottom of this page.

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