Sheath-making 101 course – Make a sheath for your knife


Leatherwork and sheath-making is the steph-child of the knife-making world. Very few knife-makers enjoy it and some just outright hate it. 

With that said, any great knife, deserves a great sheath.

This course is designed as a first step into the wonderful world of leatherwork and sheath-making.

It is aimed at the novice with no prior experience, for example a person that has just completed the 2day knife-making course with me.

The end-result is a well-made, functional sheath that will protect you from your knife.

The course includes:

  • Understanding leather terms and terminology (as we understand it)
  • Explaining leather and sheath making tools and their function
  • Training on cutting, dying, drilling, stitching and edging of leather
  • Use of required leather-making tools to complete your sheath
  • Making a
  • Genuine leather, fold-over sheath, 
  • With a belt-loop riveted onto the sheath
  • Stitched around the front end of the sheath
  • Dying it in one of the colours available
  • Ending with proper edging – which is the hallmark of a decent sheath
  • Discussion on wet forming of the sheath


Contact details:

E-mail: Jean@fire-goby-forge

Tel: 083 654 5408 (Marketing & Sales)

Tel: 061 371 6132 (personal but not always available)




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Knife Maker Bio

Good day name is Jean Wilke and knife making is in my blood!

I am the first scholar to be admitted into both the Cape Knifemaker’s Guild and the Knifemaker’s Guild of Southern Africa. I have been a full-time knifemaker since December 2020 (the day after finishing matric) and enjoying every moment of it. Below is my story…

I started making knives in May 2016, on my 14th birthday, after watching the first episode of the first season of Forged in Fire. I did a ½ day blacksmith course with Dennis Kriel in Pretoria. More courses with Ettienne Vorster and Neels van den Berg followed.

January 2018, as a wide-eyed 15year old, I did my 2-week ABS Introduction to BladeSmithing with Kevin & Heather Harvey, and this kicked my career into high gear. This was followed by evenings, weekends, and holidays in my own, rapidly evolving shop, where my skills were honed. Hard work, wonderful opportunities, and more blessings that I can ever deserve brought me to where I am today.

As for the future…

I hope to travel to the USA and obtain my ABS Journeyman rating in July, but for that I will need EVEN more blessings, hard work and good luck.