KT Engraver

As for cost minimum charge is R 200 .

Lettering is R 20 per letter.

Patterns for a double sided bolster would be around R 2000

Contact Details: 

Email: nfo@tinsleyjames.com

Phone: 074 287 4755

Knife Maker Bio

Tinsley James was founded in 2011 after completing my degree in Jewelry Design and Manufacture. Followed by an apprenticeship specializing in Fine Diamond and Gemstone Setting within the jeweler industry; ultimately 7 years of studying. With a very keen interest in hand engraving, but nobody in South Africa to teach me, I decided to teach myself. Slowly importing the best equipment available and researching as much as possible, my engraving has developed over time.

I draw inspiration from the likes of Steve Lindsay and Sam Alfonso, and wish to achieve the same level of quality.

Engraving knives has always been in the back of my mind, but I only started pursuing it recently and wish to grow with the knife making community in South Africa.



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