CPK3 Frame-lock

CPK3 Framelock with Mars Fatcarbon show side. Then beadblasted titanium lockside with glass beadblasted m390 blade thats tumbled. Running on phosphor bronze washers.

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Knife Maker Bio

Charl Pienaar has been making knives since 2013, but his interest in knife making started back in 2011 when he started to tinker with various materials. He as always enjoyed making things with his hands, especially wood turning and carpentry. Building and flying remote controlled airplanes was a short-lived hobby due to the monotonous demand of constant maintenance. His interest in knife making started when he was staying in the UK. He found himself drawn to the endless castles and museums, where knives and knife making seems to permeate through the history books.

For Charl, it is infinitely rewarding to take a piece of metal and make it into a blade. There are many inspirational makers out there that Charl see as mentors, Des Horn, Wolfgang Loechner, Gary Lombard and Ettore Gianferrari to mention a few. Charl enjoy making classic as well as modern slip joints/tacticals with a twist. Materials are very important to him. He loves composites, but nothing compares to natural woods, dama or high carbon Damascus. Charl currently design, make and sell knives as a part time hobby, but with an ever-increasing demand from a growing customer base, this hobby seems to be taking on a life of its own.

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