Barlow With Leadwood

3 1/2″ Closed

1070 Blade and spring

Belt finish

Brass liners, bolsters and pins

Leadwood scales

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Phone: +263773500456

Knife Maker Bio

I am a Zimbabwean bladesmith based in Harare, and have been in love with knives since I was a child. Not content to simply sharpen knives anymore, I dabbled in making knives several times in my teens, but only made my first real blade 3 years ago. Since then, it has consumed me like very few things can, and today I am a full-time maker.

I started with forging fixed bladed Bowies and other hidden tangs before including stock removal full tangs and kitchen knives to my repertoire. I then progressed to hand-forging Damascus steel, which was a long time goal of mine.

Recently, with the help of Willem O'kelly, I have poured most of my time and energy into making slip joint folding knives. I derive a great amount of joy from making these small folders.

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