Batch of Field Grade Knives 

We are delighted to announce that Andre Erasmus is planning to release a small batch of field grade knives in the very near future.

Andre Erasmus Custom Knives

Passion, artistry and craftsmanship.

Andre grew up in the wide open space of a farm close to Kimberley, which is in the beautiful arid Northern Cape of South Africa. Born in 1963 he grew up in a world with plenty of fresh air, rifles and knives, but without the internet, or cellphones.

A full-time custom knife maker since 2015, Andre is widely known for his exquisite folding knives. With the ACE being one of his more famous models. Gentlemen’s liner-lock folders are one of his specialties.

He is a member of the Cape Knifemakers Guild.

Andre creates custom knives to each knife collector’s special and specific requirements. From Ettore Gianferrari Damascus steel to handles scales of mammoth bark, even a diamond on the thumb stub… Andre loves working with exotic materials.

For an Afrikaans knifemaker Andre is very easy and approachable. And often discussions on the specification for a new knife goes long into the night. All his contact details are at the bottom of this page. Feel free to contact him directly.

What are Field Grade knives?

Field grade knives are a way for a knife maker to make owning one of his knives more affordable.

A field grade knife is also more likely to be used and carried every day, because it does not take the kind of investment a top-end full custom knife would require.

Certainly there are collectors asking for an Andre Erasmus knife that they can carry and use every day, without worrying about scratches and wear and tear.

The field grade from Andre is the EDC you will want to carry Every Day!

To give you the same care, attention and quality, but at a more affordable price, on the Field Grade knife Andre is:

  • Limiting the custom options,
  • Using Black G10 for the scales,
  • Lohmann L-OR4528 stainless steel for the blade,
  • Anodized grade 5 titanium 5 liners,
  • Anodized titanium pocket clip, (You will need this, because you will be carrying this knife every day.)
  • Phosphor bronze washers – it fires as if it is on a spring, while still making field service possible. (No, it is not an auto… but it sure feels like it!)

Sela – First Field Grade Folder from Andre Erasmus

It would not be a proper Andre Erasmus if you did not get a chance to make the knife uniquely yours, by choosing different colours of anodizing, or even a Damascus blade for those of us who simply MUST have Damascus on everything!


  • Damascus blade
  • Damascus or stainless steel pocket clip
  • Left or right handed versions
  • Change colour of anodizing
  • Filework on Liners
  • Filework on Backstrap

Option pricing on request.


Here are the detailed specs of the Sela:

Here are the detailed specs of the Sela:

  • Blade length – 84mm
  • Steel – Lohmann Lo-R4528 stainless steel
  • Overall length – 190mm
  • Liners – 6AL4V titanium grade 5 and anodized in the colour of your choice
  • Pocket Clip – 6AL4V titanium grade 5 and anodized in the colour of your choice
  • Handles – Black G10; a fibreglass based composite which is very tough and durable.
  • The knife runs on phosphor-bronze washers
Price: R3 800. Courier costs must be added.

Contact Andre Erasmus

If you are interested in the field grade contact Andre here