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Knifemaking became my passion about 20 years ago. After building my own equipment, I attended three courses with Gawie and Thinus Herbst — one fixed blade, the other two a liner lock and slip back folders course.

I love to build a folding knife now and then but mainly I enjoy making fixed blade knives. In my designs, I love shape, texture and colour Because of an Electrical and Mechanical background I designed and built an electrical etching machine, a titanium anodizing unit to enhance the quality of my knives and to make life easier for my fellow knife makers in South Africa. Due to my passion for knife-making, I try very hard to keep it a hobby and to limit the number of orders. I see each knife as a project and dedicate myself to it in order to deliver a top-quality product. Every process in my knife-making I do personally as great enjoyment is derived from each step in the chain.
(Designing, building the knife, taper tang, heat treatment, finishing and leatherwork) My knives could be considered to be real hand made.

Now that I’m retired, I will have time to enter more shows. I have always endeavoured to maintain a high standard
with each knife as a non-guild member. My greatest achievement was 3rd place in the Novice knife maker competition at the SA knife makers guild. What makes me love knife making? I love to create things and find that the challenge of the various different and
difficult processes are exciting and stimulating.

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