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Custom Made Knives

Eric’s passion for knives started at a young age, when he started collecting and making knives.  As a qualified fitter and turner he started creating handmade knives with only a file and a grinder – flattening and curving the steel to precision.

In 2019 Eric took advice from Theuns Prinsloo and completed a knife-making course by Andre Erasmus.  Within a day and a half, Eric crafted his first professionally handmade custom knife.

Ericwolfknives was founded in September 2019. He then built his own electric oven, by which he creates precision temperatures for accurate tempering, thus perfecting the steel.

Ericwolf custom handcrafted knife is unique – no replicas! Only top-quality materials are used for the handles and each knife is branded with an Ericwolf logo.

Special design and engraving requests are welcome.

Ericwolf knives are one of a kind and never seizes to amaze.  Each knife also comes with a unique handmade sheath.

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