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My name is Phillip Verwey. We live in Vanderbijlpark. I started making knives in late 2017. First knives, let’s call them practice, were made from concrete grinder wheels. 

A few pressies to nearest and dearest later I went to visit KMTS shop in Pretoria and purchased my first 2 stainless steel blanks which was turned into kitchen utility knives. From there on I purchased some 12C27 and 14C28N and started designing and making knives with basic hand tools (angle grinder, some files and wood working belt sander and plenty Elbow grease 😊). As time went on I refined the art of hand tools to the point of my first order in June 2018. In Dec2018 my wife bought me a Ryobi Mini Belt and Disc Sander to assist in the making of knives. And this is what I still use today (saving to buy proper belt sander). In the meantime, I have also learned how to make my own sheaths and do scrimshaw. In Dec2019 I joined a website where I sell my knives on auctions. I have had three clients giving me very inspiring feedback. 

So, ladies and gentlemen this is me. Striving to learn more each day. My late mother taught me the following lesson (in Afrikaans): “ ‘n mens is soos ‘n sykous… nooit te oud om te leer nie. “ 

I also do relief wood carvings and some other woodwork. 

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