FM Knife 12

IKBS Flipper  Drop point  ceramic balls 

Overall length  180 mm (7”)

Blade length  87 mm (3.4”)

Blade    Dama  Steel  Hakapella  3.5 mm

Handle  Ivory

Bolster   Balbach Titan 

Back strap   Dama Steel Hakapella

Pocket clip   Dama steel  ladder

Side plates    Grade 5 titanium vine file work

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Phone: 0825648948


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Knife Maker Bio

I started making knives in 1989 in Welkom joined the Knife makers guild in 1990 with a lot of help from Fanie la Grange, I moved to Richards bay in 1994 and I stopped making  knives to raised my kids for 17 years fishing the coast of South Africa when the kids left school I lost my fishing partners, it was a good time to start making knives again.

All my tools and materials I had just stored all those years, had some time on my hands and started building a few machines and set out to make some knives again, Got a fright when I started looking at knives as the quality had sky rocketed and Materials had really progressed .  I joined the guild again in 2013 and have been making knives since, I have moved away from fixed blade and make only IKBS flippers with a lot of thanks to Andre Thorburn for assistance and inspiration

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