IKBS Flipper – Drop point ceramic balls

Overall length: 180 mm (7”)

Blade length: 87 mm (3.4”)

Blade: Dama  Steel  Hakapella  3.5 mm

Handle: Ivory

Bolster: Balbach Titan 

Back strap: Dama Steel Hakapella

Pocket clip: Dama steel  ladder

Side plates: Grade 5 titanium vine file work

Price excludes shipping.

Contact Details:

Email: francoismassyn@gmail.com

Phone: 0825648948


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Knife Maker Bio

I started making knives in 1989 in Welkom joined the Knife makers guild in 1990 with a lot of help from Fanie la Grange, I moved to Richards bay in 1994 and I stopped making  knives to raised my kids for 17 years fishing the coast of South Africa when the kids left school I lost my fishing partners, it was a good time to start making knives again.

All my tools and materials I had just stored all those years, had some time on my hands and started building a few machines and set out to make some knives again, Got a fright when I started looking at knives as the quality had sky rocketed and Materials had really progressed .  I joined the guild again in 2013 and have been making knives since, I have moved away from fixed blade and make only IKBS flippers with a lot of thanks to Andre Thorburn for assistance and inspiration.